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Science Olympiad Invitational Practice Competition



River City Science Academy Middle-High finally will host a Division B (Middle School) Invitational practice competition on January 11th.

We believe that this will be an opportunity that will help you practice right before your Regional Tournaments. It sounds like a lot of work right before regionals; however, we believe that you will be ready for it anyways.

Since this is going to be our first invitational tournament, we will definitely ask for help. 

We are planning to run all 23 events. Our arena is 35 feet high and it is wide enough. We’ll share the exact dimensions along with some pictures soon.

As I mentioned, we’d like to see your interest, so I would really appreciate if you can complete the form below at your earliest convenience. Please feel free to email for your questions, comments.

Click here! RCSA Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament Interest Form for Div B

Division B (January 11, 2020):

  • · Great to have a final practice before your regional competitions.
  • · Teams receive their tests backand a link with blank tests and keys for all written tests.
  • · No split teams. This really applies for North Regional Tournament at UF but can be decided to have individual testing for those whose regionals will be on February.
  • · Building events count toward overall score (don’t bring your best EL Glider. Save it for your Regional)
  • · Rules enforced strictly
  • · We will provide a score sheet that shows all the scores, so you know how your team did overall.
  • ·If you would like to run an event and create the test, that would be greatly appreciated. For further details, contact the email provided above. 
  • · Participation fee is $100.
  • · Meal plan:This invitational competition will be one of the ways to raise funds for our team as predicted. We plan to sell $5 meal plans that include 2 slices of pizza (cheese or pepperoni) and a drink. While it is optional, we kindly ask that you consider buying food from us.
  • · Once you submit the survey to attend the invitational competition, an additional email will be sent with further details on the payment, schedule, and other needed information.

 Thank you for helping all our students excel in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics!