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Elite Scholars Program

  • Develop an exclusive academic experience for elite students 
  • Goes beyond “college ready” and acceptance into in-state schools like UNF, FSU, and UF 
  • Create an experience that prepares them for admittance into elite schools and programs like MIT, Columbia, Duke, or Princeton
  • Rigorous core academic classes
    • Substantial research writing in each of their core classes designed on the pre-AP course model
      • Preparing students to plug into the AP Capstone Diploma program once they get into high school
    • High school classes in 8th grade, including Biology and Algebra I
    • Highly-effective, veteran teachers
    • Providing these students additional field trips, additional learning opportunities, academic competitions


  • Rigorous coursework 
  • Two hours of homework per night, whether that comes in the form of reading or writing
  • Substantial research writing in each of their core classes
  • Hands-on, problem-solving and critical thinking, skill-based curriculum
  • GPA and academic writing hurdles that they have to maintain throughout the program
  • Develop leadership and interpersonal skills

Support Systems

  • Ongoing counseling sessions throughout the year with Mrs. Ferrari, the program director in order to look at their academic portfolios
  • Regular communication between teachers, program director, counselors, students, and parents

Parent Testimonials

" This program is very beneficial to the students. It is an intense and challenging program yet the students would gain a lot of experience and knowledge throughout this program." 

"You have initiated the best way to find gifted kids,  and help them to achieve their goals."

"ESP is a program that would benefit your child, and give them opportunities to advance their education and reach for their dreams."

" The time spent with attention to our children and helping with their education has been exceptional "

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