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What is dual enrollment and how would it help me?

What is dual enrollment and how would it help me?

Dual enrollment can help a student accelerate his or her educational goals, eliminate duplication between high school and college course content and increase the rigor and challenge of course offerings while in high school.

Dual enrollment enables high school students to simultaneously earn both high school and college credits for a single course. For example, a student who successfully completes the college course AMH2020 United States History From 1865 to the Present will earn both a half high school social studies credit and three college credit hours in social science. Some courses earn even more high school credit. An example of this would be MAC 1105 College Algebra which earns the student a full credit of high school mathematics as well as three college credits.

Where are the courses offered at RCSA?

ENC 1101, ENC 1102

LIT 2000, THE 2000

MAT 1033, MAC 1105, MAC 1140, STA 2023

SYG 2000, SLS 1103

What does dual enrollment cost?

Tuition and academic fees are free to RCSA dual enrollment students. RCSA students are provided textbooks(on campus courses) by the school. Special fees, such as art supplies, aviation flight fees, culinary equipment, health care uniforms, automotive tools, etc., are paid by the student. Students will have to pay a one-time Dual Enrollment Records and Processing fee of $25 and $5 for each official transcript requested.

What are the eligibility requirements?

A student must have a designated level cumulative GPA, achieve a designated level on an assessment test, have a minimum of four high school credits and turn in all the requested paperwork.

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